Dr. Carmen Johnson


02 Feb: Deaths Occurring Within Maryland’s Correctional Facilities: Bills SB0036 & HB0565

During this critical legislative session in Maryland, we authored a significant piece of legislation, SB0036, and its corresponding bill, HB0565, titled “Maryland Deaths in Custody Oversight Board.” This pivotal bill is designed to establish an Oversight Board that will introduce a new era of transparency and accountability regarding the unfortunate deaths occurring within Maryland’s correctional facilities. Its purpose is to actively reduce the alarming number of fatalities that persist within our prisons, jails, and detention centers. 


24 May: Chairman Blumberg

Chopping it up with Chairman Blumberg and his commissioners today at the parole commission in a 2-hour meeting – trying to free our people through parole.

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08 Apr: Life After Incarceration

In the United States, we owe formerly incarcerated people. This fact is abundantly clear when you evaluate the status quo. A person who completes their sentenced punishment after being found guilty has paid their debt to society. Unfortunately, laws across the country force formerly incarcerated people to continue to pay for their misconduct long after their release from the criminal legal system. These collateral consequences of incarceration are often unrelated to the person’s crime and dramatically hinder the reentry process. Cultural stigma, legal discrimination, and enhanced trauma describe the reality for hundreds of thousands of people in America because “free” society continues to make formerly incarcerated people pay. Hence, we owe them.