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We provide Civic Engagement Social Justice Mass Liberation Reentry Services

Helping Ourselves to Transform (HOTT) is a grassroots organization dedicated to social justice and civic engagement. We focus on rectifying inequalities and injustices across various domains, like race, gender, income, religion, education and our environment. We are actively working to create a more equitable society.

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Advancing Equity, Inspiring Change

A world where justice, fairness, and equal opportunities are the cornerstones of every community, and where every individual’s rights and dignity are respected, upheld, and protected.

Our Main Areas of Focus Are:
Social Justice

We focus on rectifying inequalities and injustices across various domains, like race, gender, income, religion, education and our environment.

Civic Engagement

We advocate for policies that benefit the community, with a focus on social justice and equity. We work to eliminate disparities and barriers, promoting inclusivity and opportunity for all.

Mass Liberation

Helping Ourselves to Transform (HOTT) supports Mass Liberation, aiming to release many from incarceration, especially those in prisons and jails.


We are a 501c(3) Indigenous women-led and Black-led nonprofit organization. Our mission is to equip impacted people(loved ones) by giving them the tools needed to succeed in family, community, housing, voting, jobs and knowing their rights. We also use preventive and diversion measures for youth, men, and woman. Helping Ourselves to Transform (HOTT) educates loved ones in assisting them with transformation into new citizens living productive lives; we use a one-on-one approach, employing the method of “see one, do one, teach one”. We build bridges between newly released loved ones and their communities, corporate America, small businesses and elected officials to understand the importance of supporting the needs of impacted youth, men and women. Our efforts create a shared understanding that reduces recidivism and moves us closer to the cure for mass incarceration that brings mass liberation.

The Pretense of Justice Podcast

We are excited to discuss current events, topics on the justice system and The Tin Foil Hat News, conspiracy and controversial issues.

Our endeavors support women, girls, and children

As a women-led organization, we are not just leaders; we are mothers. We intimately understand that in our communities, it is often the single mothers and their children who bear the brunt of silent suffering due to disparities. Over the 18 months, we’ve undergone a deliberate shift in our focus because we recognize that mothers bring forth the precious gift of children, who embody our future.

Our Youth Leadership Program

Our leadership program, tailored for youth aged 12-25, is a transformative experience that empowers young leaders within a safe, inclusive environment. We foster an atmosphere where youth confidently share and express their ideas, while we attentively listen and provide them with the knowledge, skills, and life experiences necessary to create a positive impact in both their communities and personal lives.

Get the "Pretense of Justice"
by Dr. Carmen Johnson

Don’t hesitate – acquire your copy of “The Pretense of Justice” authored by Dr. Carmen Johnson today! This commanding book, masterfully written by our resolute founder, pulls back the curtain on the relentless battle against the oppressive, deeply entrenched criminal justice system that affects both individuals and communities.

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